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Cars of FOAC members

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Joel Allen's 69 Ford Ranger

Ken Schrader's 1955 F-100 Tow Truck

Lee Holman's Fairlane

Shawn Howard's 2001 Saleen

Buck Wingler's Ford collection

Marty & Amy Ingool's
F100 Shortbed

Doug Yates Roush BlackJack

Joe Bullins' 57 T-Bird

Harry Lippard's 57 Retractable

Jeff Black's 94 F-150

Robert & Alexandra Orzescu

Edmund Call's 67 "00" Fastback

Ken Payne Sr's 87 Mustang GT

Gordon Moore's 1954 Ford Courier Delivery Wagon

Chris VanHeuveln's 69 Mercury Cougar XR7

Bryan Turnmire's 1965 Galaxie 500

Ken Tompkins’ 2005 Ford Mustang

GT Convertible Premium

Jim & Mary Shepherds' 1954 Ford Mainline

Barry and Bonny King's 428 SCJ


Damian and Linda Miszuk's 2008 Shelby

Michael Slater's 2000 Grand Marquis GT

David Eades Mustang

William & Bernadette Vanderveer's 2011 GT/CS

Chris & Judy Arroyo's Ford's

Mike Rinehart's Mach 1

Tom Scanlon's California Special

Christine McKinney's 2008 Bullitt
#1532 of 7700

Kent Spitler's Mustang

Mike & Susan Tribucher's 2002 T-Bird

Henry & Linda Busch's 1970 Mach 1

John Ervin


Art Fillyaw

Jeff Smith

Tim & Arrah Edwards
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