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Steve and Faye Silsby

Fate Replaces a Pony

by Steve Silsby

You may have already heard bits and pieces of this, but here is the whole story of how Faye got her 1965 Mustang convertible.

Let's start way back in the summer of 1970…

It's August 29th, Faye's birthday. She has just turned sixteen, and with her new driver's license in hand, she and her father are shopping for a car. Faye's father has agreed to make the down payment on a suitable used car if she will get a part-time job to pay the other ex­penses. Faye's family lives in the tiny hamlet of Weems, beside the Rappahannock River on Virginia's northern neck. From her house, it's seven miles to the nearest town and sixteen miles to her high school. Living in such a ruralcommunity, she longs for the freedom that a car brings. She gets a job bussing tables at the Tide's Inn Golf Lodge. It doesn’t pay much but it will cover the loan payment, insurance, and gas.

After a little looking, she finds her car -- a 1965 Mustang coupe, Wimbledon white, red interior, and a 289-V8. Of course, Faye loves her “new” car. It gets her to work, school, and everywhere else, with great style. The Mustang looks great and Faye looks great in it. It's like they were made for each other. All of her friends, and even her six brothers and sisters envy Faye and her Mustang.

Fate can be unkind, though. Not six months pass before her Mustang gets broad-sided by a car that runs a stop sign. No one is hurt, but the Mustang will never he the same again. Faye soon finds a Buick Skylark as a replacement and her pony-car days are over.

Life goes on for the next thirty years or so. Then in fall of 2001, Faye's wonderful, sensitive, car­ing, husband (that's me) is asked to buy a raffle ticket for a vintage Mustang. A quick glance at the photo reveals that its a 1965, white with red interior. Oh, man! Faye would love to own a Mustang like her first one again, and this one sure looks like it. At only ten dollars a shot, I'm happy to buy a ticket and put Faye's name on it.

Now it's late spring 2002 and the raffle ticket is long forgot­ten. Best guess would be that the raffle was held months ago and we never heard who won the car. But no! Faye gets a phone call with a big surprise -- the drawing was held that evening and she won the Mustang! Happy as we were at the news, I warn her not to get her hopes up too high. I only saw the one fuzzy picture of the car many months ago and I have no idea what the car's real condition is.

What a joy when Faye first sees the car -- it looks great! It has a straight body with no rust, fresh Wimbledon white paint and a red interior that looks like new. It even has the 289 V8! I must not have looked at the picture very closely when I bought the raffle ticket, for instead of a coupe, the car turns out to be a convertible. Wow! How much better can this get'?

Now summer 2002, we’re having great fun cruising in Faye’s pony, but we haven't heard of any local groups or events. We want to meet other Mustang and Ford owners and learn more about these classic cars. We started searching for a car show close enough for us to attend. Browsing the internet, we discovered a local Mustang Club. The next thing I saw on their web site made my jaw drop. It convinced me that Faye had been destined to win this Mustang. Right here, right now. Fate made amends for it's earlier transgression, revealing itself through an amusing puzzle. And the last piece had just fallen into place.

The web site confirmed that the local club was indeed hosting a show that summer, Mustang Club of America’s Grand National show... to be held right here at Lowe's Motor Speedway! And in bold print was the opening date of the show ... it's August 29th, Faye's birthday !